Ordering and Payment

how many lunches have you given so far?

In 15 months, we have Given ~300,000 lunches to hungry kids in need. This number of course grows every week and the more you Buy, the more we can Give.

which schools do you currently give lunches to?

We currently Give lunches to 37 schools in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington which can be seen on our Volunteer page.  Please click here to see our full list of schools in all these locations.

how are schools selected to receive a give lunch?

We have identified decile 1 and 2 schools as defined by the Ministry of Education. Schools are also able to contact us if they are interested in receiving Give lunches. The lunches are delivered to the school who will then identify and distribute lunches to the children who need them.

how does buy one. give one work?

Every time you Buy a lunch, we Give a lunch to a child in need. These ‘Give’ lunches consist of a fresh sandwich such as ham & salad, a serving of vegetables and a home-baked treat or yogurt.


how often do you deliver?

We deliver every weekday every week depending on your order.

We do NOT deliver on public holidays. On the days we don’t deliver, you will not be charged for your order.  Please click here to see our Non-Delivery Days.

what time does the order get delivered to my workplace?

We do not work to specific delivery times but we aim to have all our deliveries completed by 12.30pm. Please ensure that you arrange a suitable delivery point that is easily accessible for our couriers and that someone is there to collect your lunch.

where does eat my lunch deliver to?

We currently deliver to workplaces and schools in certain areas in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. When you order, you will be able to see the suburbs we deliver to. If we do not deliver to your area, please email us at buyone@eatmylunch.nz and register your interest. Please also keep checking back as we will be expanding our delivery areas as soon as we can!

Please note that we cannot deliver to residential addresses.

Buy One. Give One.

how do i volunteer to help make lunches?

We are a social enterprise (not a charity) but because of the Give side of what we do, the volunteers that come and help are so appreciated. In the last 15 months, we’ve had over 2,000 people help us make over 300,000 Give lunches for Kiwi kids in need!

If you would like to come and make some lunches, please sign up online http://vols.pt/eozsTk

We couldn’t do this without all the help and support from everyone!

who should i contact if i have a compliment or complaint?

It is really important to us that you enjoy your Eat My Lunch! If you have any feedback, complaints, or even suggestions please contact us via the contact page on the website or email us on buyone@eatmylunch.nz

is all the packaging recyclable?

Yes, Eat My Lunch uses only recyclable materials.

can eat my lunch provide catering for my meeting/event?

Yes we can. Please order through our Catering page on the website. There is no minimum order number but we do require 2 business * days notice.  Please note this is based on business days.

*Please note that during the month of December we require 3 business days notice for all catering orders.

do you cater for any dietary requirements or allergies?

While our lunches use wholesome, natural ingredients and as little sugar as possible, we unfortunately cannot cater for all individual dietary requirements so cannot accept any special requests. We do cater for vegetarians and gluten free. Our lunches may contain nuts, sulphite, seafood, meat, egg, milk/dairy products, peanuts and soybean, tree nuts and sesame seeds.

can i choose the different items that goes into my lunch?

At Eat My Lunch we believe variety is an important part of a healthy balanced diet . We change the menu daily so it’s always a delicious surprise!


what happens if i am sick or away on the day of my order?

Please call or email us to let us know as soon as possible, however as we would have already ordered ingredients and made your lunch, you will still be charged for the lunch.

by what time do i have to place the order to ensure it gets processed in time?

As with changing, pausing or cancelling your order, all new orders must be placed 2 business days* in advance of the first desired delivery day.

* Please note that during the month of December we require 3 business days in advance for all catering orders.

how do i cancel or edit my order?

You can change, pause or cancel you order at any time. Simply login to your account and make the changes 48 hours prior to the day the change needs to take effect. Please note: 48 hours refers to business days.

how do i pay?

Once you have entered your order details and set up your Eat My Lunch account, simply proceed to the checkout. All payments must be made by Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Eat My Lunch uses a secure payment processing method and does not collect or store credit card information. For catering orders, payment will be taken immediately.  For subscription orders, payment will be taken 48 hours prior to your first delivery.  For every days order, the same process will apply.

eat my lunch is a subscription service, how does that work?

It’s easy! Simply choose regular weekly deliveries and the weekdays you want us to help make your mornings easy. You only have to do this once and not worry about it again. You choose the days, we choose the food – easy. Please note we do not accept ‘on the day’ orders.