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order two business days out and we’ll deliver straight to your office*

* some meal types only available in CBD areas

Wouldn’t it be great to know that whilst you and your team are enjoying your breakfast, lunch or dinner, a Kiwi kid will be enjoying a lunch?  For every meal you Buy, a Give lunch will also be delivered to a Kiwi kid as part of our Give Programme.
Do something great today – Order now!


Treat yourself to a night off or make it a regular occasion for the family. You’ll enjoy a delicious, freshly made dinner designed by Michael Meredith delivered to your workplace by 2pm. Available in Classic – Serves One or Serves Two options, the individual ‘HEAT & EAT‘ meals are super-convenient. So why not choose a dinner that gives a lunch too?

e.g. Chipotle Chicken & Barley Wild Rice: Chipotle chicken breast, roasted beetroot & wilted kale with barley/wild rice, honey glazed carrots, whipped feta, toasted almonds and a miso dressing.

simply salads

These awesome new salads are much more than a side…  they’re a whole generous sized delicious meal in one.  Simply Salads are full of texture, colour, flavour and special touches for everyone – including vegetarians.

classic lunches

Our Classic Lunch is made up of four items.

Eg. Beef Pretzel Roll, Rice Crackers with a Hummus and Beetroot Dip, a Blueberry Muffin and Apple.

hungry lunches

Have a team with bigger appetites? This lunch is made for them. 5 items with a larger main.

eg. Large Beef Pretzel Roll, Side Salad, Snickerdoodle, Hummus and Beetroot Dip with Crackers and a piece of fruit.

gourmet lunches

Treat the team to something special with a restaurant inspired lunch.

eg. Lamb & Haloumi on Kumara Sourdough roll, Greek Side Salad, Cheese & Crackers and a Panna Cotta dessert.

kids lunches

Even kids can have Eat My Lunch days. Why not set a date for your whole school to order? We love the thought of schools helping schools and this is a fantastic way to make it happen.

eg. Chicken Wrap, Mini Banana, Cinammon Scroll & Popcorn

Eat My Lunch is NOT a nut-free zone.  Please think carefully before ordering if your child has a nut allergy!


Kick start your early meetings with a delicious breakfast. We aim to deliver breakfasts before 7.30am, so this offer is currently only available in the Auckland CBD.

Minimum order of 20 breakfasts. Breakfast eg. Freshly baked croissant with ham and cheese, toasted muesli, yogurt and a piece of fruit.

morning and afternoon tea

Perfect for that mid morning/afternoon meeting, or when you just want to treat the team to something extra.

Only available Auckland & Wellington CBD’s at present with a minimum order of 20 required.  Morning Teas will be delivered before 9.30am, Afternoon Teas before 2.30pm.

Please note: Morning and Afternoon Teas are not part of our BUY ONE. GIVE ONE. programme.